Lighting Jewellery Assembly Instructions

Wow you are almost there! It will not be long now  before you can just sit back and fully enjoy your BLANKTURE lighting jewellery piece!

We care about you and your safety, so before you start with the assembly part we must ask you to read the product warnings carefully to ensure that it is safe for you to use the BLANKTURE piece with the pendant lamp fixture you are attaching it to. The warnings can be found further down on this page and are applicable to all BLANKTURE products. 

Following the below short instructions will be as easy as 1,2,3 ! 



Light bulb recomendations:

To achieve the desired shadow effect the light bulb must allow for sufficient light to reach the ceiling.

The pattern will come out differently depending on several factors:  

  • The placement of your shadow caster on the cord: close to the bulb will result in a larger and more undefined shadow whilst close to the ceiling will achieve a smaller more defined shadow
  • If you are using an LED bulb you must ensure that the glass is transparent and that the design allows for light to be cast towards the ceiling
  • The lumen/watt of your light bulb
  • Distance of light source to the ceiling
  • Competing light from other light sources 

Please also note: LED bulbs produce darker shadows compared to those cast by the traditional incandescent light bulbs.


WARNINGS! for all BLANKTURE products/pieces

All warnings MUST be read carefully before assembly of your BLANKTURE piece on any pendant light

- BLANKTURE pieces are for indoor use only

- Pendant light cord must be CE marked/certified to ensure electricity is safely contained in the pendant cord

- Pendant light cord must be inspected for tears or damages prior to assembly of your BLANKTURE piece, if the pendant cord has tears or other damages it is not safe to use your BLANKTURE piece with this cord

- Carefully follow the pendant light manufacturers instructions regarding electrical safety. 

- Ensure you follow the pendant light manufacturers instructions with regards to putting extra weight on the pendant light, if you are unsure please contact the manufacturer of your pendant light and they can advise you

- Always ensure that there is no live electricity in your pendant light before you assemble the BLANKTURE piece on the cord

- Check that your pendant light is securely fastened to the ceiling before adding your BLANKTURE piece

- Ensure that you take sufficient care to ensure your safety when using ladders or equivalent when assembling the lighting jewellery piece. Making sure to follow the safety guidelines given for these products from the manufacturer 

- Ensure that the BLANKTURE leather parts/pieces are in place and intact as these must be the only material that comes in direct contact with the cord 

- Periodically check that your BLANKTURE piece is sitting securely on your pendant light cord by checking the bolts or plug locking system are still tightened/working

Please note instructions on how to care for your product can be found here: love and care